Illustration: Alexey Fedorenko (Book: Lewis Caroll)

Red Dot Design AwardEver since it’s first publication in 1865 Lewis Carroll’s story of little Alice hasn’t lost any of it’s fascination: It is playing with logic - It is flirting with curiosity - The manifolded perspectives of looking at our world...Actually it is a good ol’ classic, isn’t it? Well, not this time, because this Alice is exiting and new. And “she“ looks different for sure! This edition of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been revised by the illustrator Alexey Fedorenko and connects the refreshing complexity of the original version with a whole new amazing variety of illustrations. The playful and surprising ways of Fedorenko’s red dot award winning work make you curious for what is coming up and leaves you with new ideas for your own interpretation of the story.

Printed in best quality and with extras like a beautiful imprint on the velour cover this limited edition of Alice (999 editions only!) is a must-have for every connoisseur to art and graphic design and to everybody who loves good books. To make your edition of Alice even more special you can choose your favorite motive right here on our website and get your book including a very fine art print.

Make the experience and take a journey to bring out the child in you once more!

Pssst! … get the ArtPrint package and order one of the illustrations from the book as a nice print!

Booksize ca. 22x24 cm
(ISBN-Nr. 978-3-00-034022-2)

Basic Version: 39,- Winteraktion 59,-
Basic Version plus ArtPrint: 99,- €

Note: Pls. pay in advance or via paypal. Except bookstores (pls. give identification number).

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Size about 30% bigger than motive in book plus 4 cm paperframe
Including 5cm paperborder (no passepartout needed), 44x45 cm
All prints are also available without book. Pls. contact us via email.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
#01 / Arrurn
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
#02 / Dresso
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
#03 / Game
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
#04 / Gerb
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
#05 / Hatter
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
#06 / Reka
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
#07 / Sleep
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
#08 / Zhaba

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